Tourism To Untung Jawa and Rambut Island in Seribu Archipelago Indonesia.

Untung Jawa Island.
Untung Jawa Island located in west side Bay Jakarta. From Jakarta can be gone through with the time one until one half hour journey. Ship transportation which have rute of “Muara Angke”- “Pramuka/Boyscout” Island, “Muara Angke”- Tidung Island always provide the opportunity for any individual to stop off in Untung Jawa Island. This because of Island situation Untung Jawa which is there are in the centre of, among island which passed by ship transportation.
From Tangerang can be reached easily. Trip of “Tanjung Pasir” – Untung Jawa Island can be gone through only fifteen until twenty journey minute. This amenity make Untung Jawa Island become the correct choice in red letter day for local tourist is which have a little money but wishing vacation which with quality. A solemn interesting choice tourism at one blow.
Untung Jawa Island own adequate wide to be explored. At elbow port, there are place designed by local government as Tourism place. Entrance through natty road with the ticket worker in back part dock. Come into its will be met the mosque and tourism place. If will be non-stopped its travel the coast, we will find the mangrove forest by canopy is adequate so that facilitate the visitor to explore it.
Although canopy have ended, explore non-stopped its coast. We will find the mangrove tree which old enough, even grow by self in shallow water. For photography lover, this place enough draw to be immortalized.
Even all fisher do not have to far throw to fish the nail. Enough fish in dock, its fishs is adequate enough. Even I find the angler getting fish Giant Trevally of equal to arm. Big enough for the size measure of to fish in dock.
Unhappily located Island close to this continent Tangerang enough soothed by continent garbage. In some part island, that garbage stuck in the mangrove tree. A view which do not make happy seen by eye.
If you of have a little money, try to stop by to Untung Jawa Island. Different Island Atmosphere with the continent make we forget a little stress of effect of work during one week. But don’t forget, if you wish the Untung Jawa Island clear of garbage, lessening garbage by throwing away at its place. Where necessary garbage which we meet during circling in Untung Jawa Island, entered by into garbage crate. Thereby we share have take care of the environment. Simple non?


Rambut Island
Rambut island is neighborhood of Untung Jawa Island, just about 500 meters divided by shallow sea. Usually, tourist that come to Untung Jawa Island also stop by in Rambut Island to see preserve.
Game Preserve of Rambut Island which is located in continent of Kepulauan Seribu Archipelago, owning variety potency involve which copious enough. The core important is variety of type of birds merandai (waterfowl) so that this area is often known as “Heavens Of bird” or bird heaven.
According To Head of Experienced Resource Conservation Hall ( KSDA) DKI Jakarta Nurhadi Utomo, Game Preserve of Rambut Island represent one of conservation area which is there are in DKI Jakarta province with the variety potency involve which enough abundance.
Province of DKI Jakarta by itself as state’s capital Indonesia, middle in this time intensively realize the town Jakarta as green town and warble. And one of effort to realize the the aspiration among other things is by preserve the area existence owning variety potency involve abundance like conservation area, good as source of plasma of nutfah and also natural habitat protection of wild animal and plant.
“Expected to the fore sum up the visitor to area of Rambut Island earn more mounting. Good to research target, neither limited experienced nor tourism observation,” sharpness.
In This Time Game Preserve of Rambut Island represent one of region of pledge of Local Government of Regency of Archipelago Administration of Kepulauan Seribu for the purpose of promotion tourism.
As according to area function as Game Preserve, hence Rambut Island can be exploited for the activity of research, limited experienced and tourism education.
Limited to experienced tourism potency exeed which admit of developed in Game Preserve of Rambut Island for example is bird perception (Bird Watching), recognition of type of flora and fauina, photo hunting, conservation education / environmental exploredly area of through interpretation band, maritime tourism mangrove and ocean Tourism.
Rambut Island proposed its stipulating as conservation area first time by Great Director Kebon [of] Bogor to Governor General of Indies of Dutch Jakarta with the status as conservation.
Important reason constitutoing the proposal is in order to protecting various waterfowl type which is a lot of there are in the island. Officially stipulating of Hair Island as preserve conducted in the year 1937 through Decree of Governor General of Indies of Dutch No. 7 date of 3 May 1937. Hereinafter the decision loaded in State Sheet (Staatblat) No. 245 Year 1939.
While its execution is arranged in regulation (Ordonansi) Protection of year 1941 contained in Sheet of State No. 167 year 1941. At that Moment Rambut Island is expressed for the width of 20 hectare.
In its growth, condition and potency of Hair Island non-stoped to change. Pursuant to result of study im Center The Variety Study Involve Tropical Institute the Research of IPB year 1997 known that most vegetasi mangrove experience of the death of effect of contamination of garbage and oil.
Status of Hair Island as preserve at that moment not enable the existence of interference of human being in activity of habitat construction in area, so that recommended status of To Rambut island turned into Game Preserve.
Pursuant to the consideration, Rambut Island specified as Game Preserve by Minister of Forestry and Plantation through Number Decree: 275/Kpts-II/1999 date of 7 May 1999 for the width of 90 hectare, consisted of 45 continent hectares and 45 regional hectare of territorial water.
In This Time, Game Preserve of Rambut Island represents one of conservation area managed by irektorat of General of Protection of Experienced and conservation Forest of Forestry Department, with the Technical Executor Unit of Experienced Resource Conservation Hall of DKI Jakarta.
Geographically area of Game Preserve of Hair Island lay between 106 degree 41’14 – 106 degree 41’46” Longitude East and 5 degree 56’47 – 5 degree 56’57” Paralel South, to the North-West from Port of Tanjung Priok. While according to governmental administration, Game Preserve of Rambut Island is inclusive of into region of Chief of Untung Jawa Village, Archipelago Subdistrict South Arch Kepulauan Seribu, and Regency of Kepulauan Seribu Administration.
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