Why You Do Not Enter The Islam

God is One.
Islam say that the God just one, there is no God besides Allah. There is No Father God, Child God, Mother God, Holy Soul, Deity, and Goddess. For Islam only one proper God curtseyed, the other does not. Whether this matter is illogical? Sensible otherwise, please prove. If sensible, why all of you do not enter Islam?

Hygiene is Some of Belief.
Islam tell the “Hygiene is some of belief”. Islam teaches the hygiene. Islam commands the wudhu when shalat/pray, this matter is hygiene. Islam command the bath when us have bed in love with wife, this is hygiene. And a lot of other; dissimilar example of is which you can find about comand to become to cleanness.
Whether you one who cleanly? Why you do not enter Islam?

Religion That Arranging All Life.
Islam by Al-Qur’An and the hadits teach the life science. Al-Qur’An divided by some big chapter among other things contain about science, believe, history, civil, religious service, food and beverage, clothes and ornament, punish the privat, human being [relation/link], jurisdiction and judge, criminal law and Jihad. All life aspect arranged by Islam, relation with the human being and also relation with the God. Islam do not teach to dissociate between religion with the governance of human being but Islam teach how governance in Islam. Islam is perfection.
If you doubt of or do not believe, please learn. If you think that Islam by Al-Qur’An and Hadits irrelevant with the epoch, please prove. If you marvel with the Islam and also Al-Qur’An and Hadits why you do not enter Islam?

Day of Reckoning.
Islam says that there is final day, heaven and hell. Final day is day when world have old / and have to fall to pieces. When world fall to pieces, hence there will be day of reckoning. And its final purpose is heaven or hell.
This matter as according to human being logic. Otherwise there is heaven and hell, there no day of reckoning, hence its inequitable live in world. You are rich, I am not, you in command I am not, you grind me, i am not ready to reciprocate, you kill me I cannot reciprocate because have died.
Heaven And hell according to Islam is when heavy human being of kindliness weighing-machine it hence he/she is entitled to of heaven, but if a lot of badness, badness which have been done/conducted in world, hence hell is its place. But for moslem people, hell is not everlasting, only until used up a period of/to retaliation in hell, if have cleared, hence moslem will be lifted and input to heaven. In Islam [there no ism, if you trust the somebody or something hence automatically you’d enter the heaven. Realistic Islam, logikal, human being punished by for its deed each, there no human being guarantying others sin.
If you trust with the the mentioned, why you do not enter Islam?
to be continued


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