Is Your Religion having Real Correct?

I have been born to believe in religion. My religion is Islam, Christian, Hindu, Budha, Jew, etc. I convincing of my religion is real correct. And there is telling all that religion is good, perhaps make the me assure that this religion my best choice
But I ask around:
1. Whether All real correct religion?
If all real correct religion, why altogether different each other it’s God, its prophet, it’s Holy Book and also it’s teaching. Till finally I think not all that religion is real correct. Among assumed by a sure correctness there is one real correct religion, is real correct from God and real correct logically.
2. If all real correct religion, why there is all kinds of religion name?
Logically, if all real correct religion hence will there’s only one religion. If Islam yes islam, if Christian yes Christian etc, because making what there is all kinds of religion name if altogether is equal that alias also.
Except, if only just just name problem. For example that Islam in Arab, in West told by Peace or in Indonesia referred as Selamat. This Matter is not esensi because its contents are prima facie.
God Word supposing, Tuhan that used in Indonesia, in Arab Allah, west God etc. But such matter the same difference do not reaching meaning
3. Last how to determine the real correct religion?
Religion is problem of confidence and logic. Become two mentioned we which must us as the directive to look for the most real correct religion [religion coming from God, non human being creation].
Real correct religion is sensible religion. If logic talking mean something plausibility and can be digested. Under here we logic will about The Infinite, Teaching, Holy Book.
A. The infinite Logic
Religion confess the the infinite. Therefore hence the infinite logic the religion has to be sensible.
* God that One. No God besides Allah. Sensible the Infinite Logic.
* God that trinity [three becoming one, one becoming three]
Logic will tell not possible. Because 1 is 1 there no 3=1 and 1=3 literally.
In mathematics:
If 1 divided by 3, will never be found its definitive amount, existing only result of rounding. 1 divided by 3 is 0,333….until infinite. Become not possible 1 becoming 3 and 3 becoming 1. As comparison, we are for number 1 by 4, hence will earning 1 / 4 = 0.25 and 0.25+0.25+0.25+0.25 = its 1 result is circular there no remains. But 0.33..+0.33..+0.33 = 1 [is not circular its result, only rounded up].
Hence as religiously Christian. If 1 = God divided as Yesus, Holy Soul and Father hence there will be 1 / 3[yesus], 1 / 3[Father], 1 / 3[holy soul] then whose the rest??
1 / 3 Yesus unlike 1[God]. Because 1 / 3 unlike 1 hence 1 / 3[yesus] none the infinite so also by Father and holy soul.
Islam clearly and clear, do not circumvent and sensible and also is easy to digested to tell the God that 1 [no frill or decomposed].
Become logically natural existence that trinity not possible and logically mathematics even also its result is not circular 1.
Other; dissimilar Religion logic we do not study, because its nucleus;core can be measured with the logic of Islam and Christian
B. Holy Book Logic.
Ok, now exist some religion which its the infinite logic is sensible. Then which religion is most real correct?
To reply this matter, we step to holy book logic. Because in general, the religion have the holy book. If there is religion teaching which don’t have the holy book is hence ascertained that non religion, it is possible that only mores, norm of life or philosopy.
Perhaps which its name holy book is a book containing of guidance from God in running religion, religious service and guidance in experiencing life. Told holy because the buku do not load the ugly things, handicapped, pornography and there no interference of human being in its contents [ except in record-keeping].
There is saying that that holy book made in human being. Correct, in printing; mould, writing or publication. But Wrong filledly, book ought to be holy is firman, govern, order, dogma from God booked by human being.
Follow the example:
Mathematic Science. Its Origin from God. Is taught to good human being by Prophet or pass the ordinary human being. When human being obtains; get this science coming from God is hence booked by human being.
Whether that mathematics book results of creation human being? Correct. Whether/What its contents [mathematics science] human being creation? None, the infinite teaching. Even also with the holy book. Its contents from God, while it’s bookkeeping by human being.
Last whether holy book and mathematics book is equal?
Correct, that each its contents from God. But its context differ the. Holy buku shouldn’t be wrong, there no difference / oposition. Because direct its contents guided by God.
Mathematics Book, its contents of fluctuation and good different each other level, place, area, institute. Hence holy book may not like that. Holy book have to be universal and is equal its contents [purposes and objectives] either in every place, area and or state. If different each other its contents [non it’s Ianguage] meaning have there [is] addition or reduction.
And its contents have to include; cover entire/all life aspect that is world and eternity [experienced hereafter die]. If only include; cover one just aspect what is the difference with the mathematics book which is good for [in] just just world.
Don’t forget also, in holy book there may not be any good oposition between one sentences with the other sentence.
Follow the example of: 1 sentence say that that pig is illicit but by other that pig is lawful. Or in Indonesia Holy Book say that that pig is lawful but in American holy book tell illicit.
If this matter happened, there is some possibility.
– That Holy book non holy book. Is only confessed by as holy buku by religion
– The holy book have been altered, added or lessened.
C. Teaching One from Early.
First time human being degraded to to earth sure is given religion by God, if not will a lot of happened by the chaos, blood and punish the jungle.
Assume the first teaching multiply its name “Religion A” and taught to “Prophet A”. Logically, when amount of human being progressively increase and start to scatter to whole world hence religion Ought to A which must be weared, goodness by every generation and or every state and tribe.
We discover assorted now religion teaching, though real correct religion and emotion happened mankind embrace the first Religion A multiply degraded by God.
Hence logically, not all religion in this world is true. Only one real true religion. If there is one real true religion, meaning other religion not true or only made in just just human being.
D. Teaching Perfection.
Perfect Religion is religion that arranging entire life aspect, and divisible in two criterion – Relationwith the God – Relation with the Human being. [Personal, society / social, punish the, knowledge and state].
Conclusion from all is point-point of above mentioned becoming base from correctness or not your religion. Try to compare your religion with the other religion
* Have your perfection religion teaching
* Enter in mind the infinite logic, its teaching logic?


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