Tour to Coast Santolo Passing A thousand Turn Road

If you look for the second Bali in Indonesia, hence come to Coast of Cilauteureun or Western man mention it Santolo, because hard to articulate it, bizzare the mentioned is not because hard Indonesia people to articulate it. This coast located in subdistrict Pameungpeuk, Garut, West Java.

In this pameungpeuk, frankly a lot of coast, there is coast of Cilauteureun, Santolo, Sayangheulang or Ranca Buaya. Tthis coastal Virtual one with other each other interconnected or stay in the long bunch becoming back part from continent of Garut town in side south. Sometimes one coast to the other so near, but have different name. The example is coast Cilauteureun with coast Santolo. Cilauteureun with santolo is differentiated by its name is just because blocked by its one moorage rill is fishing boat. Coastal of Santolo ahead time isle which to go to this isle, we require to get through the mentioned river mentioned, can with the fisherman boat, can also by passing at the same time swim.

Goto Santolo Beach

But non just that differentiating Cilauteureun by Santolo. Coast Cilauteureun has the beautiful white sand with the big goodly wave splashing, length as far as eye look into and form semicircle.

Cilauteureun Beach

Coast Santolo only long coast and length about 1 kilometers. Coastal of Santolo not as beautiful as Cilauteureun, because of its coast in the form of sordid stoney to sea. This stoney is irrigated by the superficial sea water, about ankle, while water go out to sea therewith its wave is very big desist afar which its distance about 200 metre. Become the water go out to sea and its wave [do] not desist [in] coastal sand, but desist 200 metre from coast hindered by mentioned stoney. But this stoney in the form of continent which we can walk along for nya to look for the animal go out to sea.

Sayang Heulang Beach

While coast Sayangheulang, coastal this merger from coast Cilauteureun and coastal of Santolo. Its Sand turn white the length, but irrigate the sea and its wave do not desist in coast but desist in stoney which its distance much the same to coastally Santolo.


If compared to, coastal hence Cilauteureun [is] balmiest and most beautiful coast for the recreation of. Hence its[his] if on our holiday will find that coast Cilauteureun [is] coast which is at most visited the.

Coast Cilauteureun is coast which maiden still and not yet been managed professionally. There no hotel, and surely hotel have star, here just there is motel. Place park still mussy, there no management artisticly.

For my personality, I take a fancy to this coastal circumstance is present moment. Because I do not conceive when money playing at here. Hence possible we will not enjoy the coast freely because usually if there is hotel stand up, automatically take some of landscape coast which this matter lessen our freedom to walk along to like the us of where us will be the coast wise.

But if conversing by area inclusion, hence tourism potency in this coast is very good its prospect. This coast is very long which is if we espy like there no its boundary. The mentioned open the opportunity for much capital to found its business here perhaps tourism business.

In coast Cilauteureun in this time, visitor only swim and play at coastal alongside or fish in coastal stoney and dock. Nothing that play the jetski, nothing that surfing, nothing that play the boat or take a ride the tire as in other coast for lack of the service provider.


To go to this place, if from Garut, transportation eat the time more or less 3 clock. Passing of Mountain and garden of tea Cikajang. The way downhill with many turn conversely if from pameungpeuk is turn up. The way enough narrow, only able to be passed by two car or one for the column of right and one for the column of left. Here hard vehicle to overlap the goodness of vehicle wheel two and or car. Because of the way which its turn till there is tired 270 degree, also apart the approach hindered by curve hindered by mount wall. Hence take a care if this through band, do not ever act improperly or dare, because us will not know there is what at the opposite of curve. Others walke flanked by creavasse which is in.

I am not sure its sum up the turn passed by between band Garut-Pameungpeuk, because so much turn and apart between one turn with the turn within call, we seldom meet to straight on, hence I name the band a thousand turn.

But, if we talking about panoramic. You will surprise, because so respect the area which we through. There is tea mountain, there is hill petrify, there is countrified below mount, there is green creavasse and dale, there is clear river emiting a stream of and also blue green grove. Respect and amazing.

This is Indonesia

But the beauty, sometimes we cannot enjoy if we use the motorbike, because we must concentration to road. But for car passenger, hence you can enjoy the view.

Coastal of This Pameungpeuk less be recognized by tourist. Don’T by outsider; even people of Garut not yet of course know this area. Hence don’t surprise if you enquire to people Garut of about this place existence with the answer “do not know”.

Become, for you reading this article, agenda input please your tourism to this coast, is guaranteed will not be disappointed.
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