I, Scavengers And Hookers

By : Bayu Segara

That night you stood there, lined up with other women. No makeup look on your innocent face. Ah, where I’m interested in you, though my libido have to the fontanel. I passed you and you also seemed indifferent to my existence.

I stopped my bike next to a sweet woman who wore makeup so thick with clothes that stimulate lust.

“How much, Dear?” I asked when it was in front of her.

“300, short time”, she replied with a sweet smile.

“Wow, so overpriced, how about 200?”, my bargaining.

“No, search the other”, she said a little sharply, making her desire to be extinguished. Go on these footsteps in middle-aged woman who was sitting at the bus stop at the other end.

“Go wild Bro?”, Yet nothing she has offered.

“How?” I asked curtly.

“Just 300 Bro”

“Can’t be less?”

“Market for that much”

“200, how?”


The answer makes my feet move to the other women. And it turns out they’ve got the same answer, to make me give up. I turn my body into the place had been parked motorcycle. There I saw innocent woman was still sitting on the sidewalk.

“Sis, how much income you last night?”, I said while standing in front of her.

“Not necessarily Bro, sometimes 10 thousand. If more fortunate get to 20 thousand”, she replied. Making I moved against you, O women of the night.

“I give you money, 200 thousand, interesting?”

“If You want to give, yes I accept”

“But there are conditions”

“What are the conditions Bro?”

“You must serve my willingness for 10 days”

“If able, I will obey, if not, I will reject it. What is your willingness?”

“Sis, you not go out and stand there for 10 days. Think of this money in lieu of income that long”



“Is that your willingness to me?”

“Just that”

“Did not carp are looking for an outlet where women as lust?”

“Yeah right”

“Then why the money was you offer to me?”

“Because you are not being offered to me”

“Is it because I am not beautiful?”

“Yeah, you less beautiful”

“Am I not attractive”

“Yeah, you unattractive”

“And if that causes you give me this money?”

“You are not beauty and vapidity which made me give the money”

“Why is that Bro?”

“Because if you are interesting, your position may not in front of me again. Maybe now you was in discotheques, stately home or in a luxury car ”

“Are You insulting?”

“I was more despicable than you, why could say if I’m insulted you”

“How you mean”

“I’m now looking for an outlet lust, while you are looking for a bite of rice”


“I do not care anymore with my stomach is hungry because I was already full. Until I was looking for the fun of the stuffed my stomach. If my stomach was hungry and no money to buy food, where can I have fun like you doing right now, coming out at midnight for a bite of rice ”

“What the other considerations that makes you want to give that money to me?”

“I’m amazed at your struggle. While other women are asleep in her soft bed, you are willing to stand up and walk out to reach your sustenance. While other women spree with the money not from sweat. You spend a sweat for the sake of convenience ”

“Are you give this money because less money to hire other women”

“No, indeed I intend to give it to you. You see this “, I said, taking out wallet from pocket and showed it to her.

“In my wallet there is two million”

“I believe You”

“How, able to follow my wishes?”

“Yes, Bro”

“Here the money”, I said, handing her money. Looks so your eyes filled with tears when she received the money.

“I go home than, Bro. Thank you for your kindness “, she said, taking a sack that was lying on the side near the trash can. The inclusion of iron hook who had been his grasp into the sack. While she use too shabby hat, leave me alone.

“You are welcome”, I said, seeing her walk away in the darkness of night.

***** *****

The next day I went back again to it, does not seem you were there. I see around, do not appear too women of yesterday evening. Until I tried to wait for their appearance on a bike saddle. But none of their nose that appears to midnight. Whether they’re on vacation, I do not know.

Seeing this situation, make me laugh. Apparently I’m a whore too, sitting here waiting for them to vent my soul. While they are the whore of life, standing there because her stomach must be filled by the rice. While the rice can be bought when she had sold her body in lust whore like me. They become prostitutes for the necessities of life, I’m whoring for the needs of lust. Do not know who’s better, me or her, I do not know.


One response to “I, Scavengers And Hookers

  1. it’s all about choice bro..he…xx

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