Village Tourism on Garut

Written by : Bayu Segara

Imagine, when the morning comes. Cold air bite the skin. Cup of thick black coffee served completed the dawn prayer. Before sunrise, we walked to the water source for bathing and enjoying the fresh breath of nature, looking at a beautiful village atmosphere.



Finished bathing in the table already available food. Menu of warm rice fluffier, jengkol fried, salted fish, sauteed kale, a vegetable that is very thick red beans, crackers er’o, Karedok leunca, fish dishes nilem and other villages. Just choose sauces, chili paste, fried tomato sauce, peanut sauce, chili sauce or sambal Cibiuk. And certainly vegetables that should not be forgotten, Sundanese people do not forget where the hell are like this. The water is bitter tea or sweet tea. Certainly tempting you who are tired of eating food town.

After breakfast, take a walk. Prepare the camera, to record the natural beauty of the city of Garut. There are some goals that can be visited.

First, Situ Cangkuang. A place that must be visited if tourists come to Garut. Besides being a beautiful place, there is Cangkuang to be located at the entrance to the town of Garut. Obviously, if you want to Garut city, you have to pass through this area into the district Leles.


Done with crossing situ raft, just look at the temple only in western Java and observe ancient houses that never grew much less reduced at the temple site we set out to Situ Bagendit after lunch.

After of Bagendit, we pilgrimage to the tomb guardian Islamic missionaries in Garut is Sheikh Jafar Sidik. Once out of his grave, we visited a very old mosque. Perhaps the oldest in the arrowroot. The mosque is a relic of Sheikh Jafar Sidik. Please observe the building, observe the poles are made ​​of wood that still persist after centuries.


Masjid Wali

Pondasi Wali

If not tired, let’s let’s go to Cipanas afternoon. Here we can soak in hot water as much. Widely available pools of hot water, just choose according to your taste and of course the pocket.


The second day arrived, we continued to the south of Garut. The goal is Santolo beach. All through, we can visit the volcano first.


Sorted out from there, get ready to see the whole beauty of Garut. You will see the tea plantations, mountain Dark with winding roads and most cool for fun is Santolo beach.


How about it, interesting is not it. A beautiful place for sightseeing, vacation, looking for inspiration, photography, filming and know the culture of Garut. Or if the trend prewedding again today, maybe you can find a location that fits here. Lastly, maybe you do not have a hometown for Eid and forth if you want to feel around, you can come here to visit.

Interested contact me on 08988900393


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