Howling Wolf

By : Bayu Segara

Good evening to you guys
O wolves
This night is our night
To howl in the distance

By light of the moon
The perfect round
Calling us exult
Playing a different tone wail

Come on wolves, my friend
We boisterous this world
Let them all know
That we have among them

When they awake
Let us persuade them to sleep
Because of fear that we bring
Shade them in a blanket

Let’s spend tonight
Before the day comes
Because of that afternoon’s death
For our discordant voice

Howl…. howl ….
Let harden your voice
Yeah … tonight we belong
Do not you hesitate

Howl our egoism
Howl righteousness
Howl criticism
Howl advice

Yeah so … continue to howl
Stop only when dead
Until then do not be tired
Howl for life


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