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Son, Why Islam?

Written by : Bayu Segara

Mountains in the north is the best place in the country for camping. Neatly maintained lush forests, crystal clear water in the river flowing through the grassy fields provide a source of drinking for those who come, and set up camp a good place available here. No wonder, if almost every weekend a lot of people come to that place.

In this season, where the air is gently greet face, bright blue sky decorated with the stars clearly visible without clouds and a full moon shining, it appears there are two men looking to keep warm in front of a campfire beside the tent. Each one of them holding a steaming cup thin. If we approach them, will certainly scent of strong coffee-watering.

They set up a tent next to the river, to be located right in the middle between the two mountains that flank the meadow. While drinking coffee, the occasional sight fishing that they see the metal pole stuck firmly in the water near the river, hoping curved retractable fishing rod fish.

“My son, now father heard that you have embraced Islam, whether the news is true?” heard the old man asked the young man next to him with great tenderness.

“Yes father, the news was not a lie, now I have embraced Islam,” the boy nodded agreeably.

“Tell Dad why it could happen. Did you feel that our beliefs were wrong or is there something that you get a great experience until you want to switch sides?” said the old man looked at her eyes with such enthusiasm would like to find an answer there.

“Dad, everyone feels that his faith is the most correct. Everybody thinks that his religion that will take them to heaven. For now you and I both believe in the truth of each trust us, it’s normal and natural, not so dad? ”

“You are my child.”

“Let’s see the moon up there dad. Everybody says that the moon is so beautiful. Things happened because we were not in moon. Had anyone ever go to the moon and find the place beautiful for sure we hesitate when he said that the moon is not beautiful because we see it from here. Likewise with religion, everyone says my religion is right and beautiful until someone comes to prove that religion is a wonderful presence with really in depth. ”

“You mean my religion is not wonderful?”

“Dad, Religion wonderful, will depend father trying to prove his own beauty. If I say that religion is not a wonderful, it was like I was coming to the moon being you at the earth.”

“What is your religion wonderful?”

“The answer is the same, you have to come here to prove it.”

“Think of it as a student’s father who wanted to ask the teacher and the student would like to ask the teacher. Question is not Islam synonymous with violence?”

“Hm … well dad. Islamic synonymous with violence.”

“If Islam synonymous with violence why you want to embrace the religion, not the religion of love you first. And intelligent and civilized people would choose a religion of love, is not it?”

“Dad, when I was a kid definitely naughty. Occasional angry because you feel upset with my behavior. Quite often you hit my hips so I obeyed the orders and advice. Did the hatred or the love that you give when it hit me?”

“Of course my affection.”

“So is my religion. There is violence. But all done for love and affection.’s Love in my religion is pure love is not love pseudoscience. Not because of the name of love, we pulled violence. Indeed, violence is a form of love too. Or just because you want to religion of love called letting people make mistakes, because we do not do violence to stop the error, but that error must be stopped by force. are, not so, violence is also required. ”

“What about the suicide bombing that killed innocent civilians, whether it is the form of love too?”

“Dad, we read the history of our country. Past, many people were killed for the sake of freedom. Violence and bloodshed happen every day. We are proud of our heroes for their services because we can sit comfortably here. Now when it’s safe, if there is people we hurt the former colonial power in this country we certainly condemn it. Likewise with Islam, violence and bloodshed is a right thing when there was fighting to defend the truth as truth for the sake of violence to gain independence. Yet when peace should not be any bloodshed unless the right reasons and islam never let somebody kill his self as a true. now father certainly knows where the position of those who commit suicide was not it? ”

“Yes, my son. Then the father heard that the prophet of Islam is a robber, how do you explain that?”

“Father, in wartime, combatants are robbers for occupiers and colonizers otherwise are robbers for fighters. A natural thing when there was fighting going on each captured, be it weapons, food or territory. Due to this, it is naive and very stupid for people who say our prophet robbers if they occur due to the war. ”

“Yes, just stupid people who do not understand it. Then the prophet you are marrying minors that how exactly?”

“Dad, we often laugh at our behavior in childhood or laugh at us during blindness of youth who now remember if we said” why are we so stupid, why we are not as innocent as it could be this or that. “We can laugh now, but not when used . At a time when it’s all we’re doing is right because according to age, and age mindset.

Or we imagine how the ancient people used horses to travel between cities, if they do not suffer. The question arises because we now have a motorcycle, car, train and airplane. But at a time when the horse is the most powerful vehicle than on foot. So we can not judge what is normally done at a time when used with our normal standard today. Maybe in the future we will be ridiculed.

Now we are talking about culture in the world in the days of our prophet, especially Arabic. At that time slaves and women are just stuff. Childless woman is a disgrace, not infrequently killed or buried alive. It’s a dark time for our present human civilization. But the future is not the case, circumstances like that it’s perfectly natural and does not become a problem until Islam came to oppose it. So when our prophet married a younger woman, the Arabs either followers or enemies no one questioned our marriage the Prophet’s time, then why do we have to complicate, not you dad? ”

“Yes, my son. Question last, could follow your step dad enter the religion of Islam?”

“Dad, the biggest thing in my hope now is you and me together toward salvation is by thee into this pure religion. However I am innocent hands when it comes to beliefs. Such people who want to be successful, he prayed to the Lord and seek the hardest to reach, God must give way. Even so with the father, we could not have coexisted in Islam if the father does not empty the mind and faith that have long been embedded in the minds of the father because the father had fertilize small. But if dad would clear it for learn, understand and analyze Islam clearly without ego hopefully Allah gave way. “


Rossa dan Iklan Rambutnya

Setiap orang yang ingin menjadi lebih baik biasanya akan selalu mendapat tantangan yang berat. Hal ini sepertinya sudah menjadi hukum alam dari zaman ke zaman. Tantangan itu bisa dari keluarga, lingkungan dan yang paling berat adalah yang datang dari dirinya sendiri. Oleh karena itu, orang yang ingin menjadi lebih baik jika tidak didukung oleh orang-orang terdekat dan semangat yang menggebu di dada biasanya akan berada di suatu tempat. Tempat itu bernama kegagalan.

Kita teringat pada satu kisah pendosa yang ingin bertobat setelah membunuh 99 orang. Ia mendatangi seorang yang dianggap alim dan bisa menuntunnya untuk mencari jalan taubat. Namun lacur, si alim ini malah menghalanginya dari pertaubatan dengan mengatakan bahwa dosanya tidak mungkin dimaafkan oleh Tuhan karena begitu beratnya dosa yang ia lakukan. Kesal dengan keadaan itu, ia bunuh si alim ini, maka genaplah 100 orang yang ia bunuh.

Namun selepas itu, ia masih tetap mencari jalan untuk bertaubat dengan berusaha mencari seorang alim lainnya hingga ketika di tengah jalan umurnya tidak sampai, ia meninggal. Diceritakan bahwa orang itu diterima pertaubatannya oleh Tuhan secara dramatis. Dimana secara hitungan alam, jarak dari tempat terakhir ia membunuh ke tempat si alim yang ia cari lebih dekat ke tempat ia membunuh, teori mengatakan seharusnya si pembunuh ini termasuk ke dalam orang-orang yang merugi. Namun Tuhan menunjukkan sifat maha kasih sayangnya, Ia memanipulasi hitungan antara dua malaikat yang berseteru karena masing-masing malaikat merasa berhak untuk membawa ruh si mayat. Seharusnya malaikat keburukanlah yang berhak membawa ruh si pendosa ini, namun Tuhan merubah jarak itu menjadi lebih dekat ke tempat si alim yang dituju. Sehingga si malaikat kebaikanlah yang akhirnya dapat membawa ruh si pendosa.

Dalam kisah ini ada tantangan; lingkungan, yang diwakili oleh sosok alim yang mempunyai pemahaman agama kurang mendalam. Namun karena tekad yang kuat dalam dirinya tantangan itu dapat ditaklukan, ia tetap berusaha.

Iklan produk rambut adalah tantangannya untuk berjilbab saat ini. Dimana biasanya seseorang dibayar untuk membintangi sebuah iklan itu durasinya minimal dalam jangka waktu setahun, waktu yang sangat lama. Jadi Rossa akan tidak memakai jilbab dalam waktu setahun. Beres iklan produk rambut, apalagi tantangan selanjutnya?
Ah cuma ini saja kok, nanti saya akan menolak produk lainnya dan memakai jilbabnya. Yakiiin? Rossa adalah artis terkenal, banyak yang mengatakan seorang diva dan sangat valuable untuk sebuah produk loh.

Tantangan-tantangan lainnya pasti akan selalu datang menggoda dan merintangi entah itu jadi bintang iklan atau hal-hal yang mengharuskan dia tidak memakai jilbab. Itu juga kalau masih ada umur, kalau tidak, bagaimana?
Ayo Rossa dijilbab itu jangan ditunda-tunda lagi dong ah.

Saya di sini bisa dan mau menulis nasehat ini karena saya lelaki dimana lelaki tidak harus berjilbab. Kalau saya wanita, tidak berjilbab pula, pastinya saya tidak mau menulis tulisan ini, malu. Apalagi kalau saya sebagai lelaki namun memakai jilbab, lebih malu lagi pastinya …. ngga cucoook bo.